Time to start enjoying your work?

Is consciousness around work finally beginning to shift?

Could we be starting to see work as something that doesn’t have to be a drudge or a means to a financial end?


The uncertainty of the current economic climate seems to be influencing people’s decision to stay in jobs they are not happy in. It has been a jobseeker’s market for the last few years with some employers offering everything including the kitchen sink to attract talent.

But with massive job losses overseas, and prediction of 300,000 losses in Australia in the near future, the attitude of workers seems to be “hold on to what you’ve got” even if you’re not happy. In an article in Saturday’s Courier Mail, journalist Lucy Kippist asks “What can we do?” to get enthusiastic about a job which has lost its shine.

I’m quoted in the article, along with Robert Gerrish from Flying Solo, giving my own take on how you can enjoy your work (complete with Top 5 essentials for Lovin Your Work! I’m slowly learning how to speak in dot points.).

Why I ask if this represents a shift is because they contacted me, not the other way around, to comment on something their news-sense was picking up on.

Does it take a meltdown of the global financial market for people to start thinking more deeply about how they spend half their life?

You can check out the online version of the article, Enjoyment in Employment.