No more trash: Sustainable design for trailer park tragics

Make way for the new eco sub-culture: Trailer park recyclables!

I love this.

I am such a sucker for caravans and mobile homes. There’s something about the economic use of space that makes me revere them as an artform. Really, how do they cram so much function into so little space?

Okay, usually, it comes at the expense of beauty, but as the Airstream trailers and many of the caravans from the 50s and 60s attest, the compact mobile home can be a fine thing to gaze upon. Ahh, Airstream dreams of lazing about in an autumnal wood knowing that I am safe from becoming the local bears’ dinner thanks to my two-wheeled silver castle…

Back in reality-town, I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by caravans of the last twenty years and have often wondered what it would be like to retire to one of those over-50s parks filled with green-living, architecturally-designed “relocatable” homes. Well, it seems the future is now.



Sustain Design Practice in Canada, is promoting their sustainable MiniHome and it’s just gorgeous. It’s all angles, hidden compartments and eco-friendly products. I love the one with the garden on the roof.

What I love most is that the turnkey homes start at CAD$110K (about CAD $200 to $300 per square foot), which makes a sustainable home only a trailer park away.