Apparently, William McDonough said

Apparently, William McDonough said,

“Design is the first signal of human intention”

I like this quote from the renowned architect as I’m fascinated by design. Buildings, furniture, molecules, life: the patterns, interconnectivity, processes keep me amused for hours. But I wonder if design really is the first signal of human intention. 

If you look at the process of human change (which is what intention precedes), then the first sign that something might shift is the realisation that something’s not right, or, things can be different. And then, depending on resources and situation, you will decide to act or not. So, I think something akin to cognitive dissonance or an awareness of a gap between what is desired and what is reality, is the beginning or first signal of intention. And then sometimes, design follows. And sometimes, action.

Awareness. Design. Action. And then back to the beginning, like a Kolb Cycle.