More unexpected moments in street art: Craft graffiti in Pomona and Rogue Cosies in Brisbane

I love finding unexpected moments of knitting and crochet on the streets.

My favourite is Rogue Cosie who has adorned the streets of Brisbane (Australia), San Francisco, Boston and New York (and I’m sure more…) with crocheted and knitted (?) delights. My favourite installations are the thanksgiving turkeys in SF and duck shawls in Boston. I like the cut of their cultural jib.

Rogue Cosie Turkey, San Francisco, 2008.

And, of course, Guardians of the Bridge is awesome for its scale and audacity.

Rogue Cosie Guardians of the Bridge, Brisbane, 2010

Street art of the aerosol or crafty kind is usually found in urban areas so I was caught unawares when venturing out for my supplies to Pomona (Qld, Australia) early this morning, when I was greeted at the newsagent by this wonderful crafty rainbow newcomer.  I was so surprised to see this in sleepy ol Po that I squealed with delight.

Guerrilla craft pole, Dec 2010, Pomona, Qld, Australia

Go the guerrilla crafters! Can’t wait to see more…