Best chocolate croissant ever at Oxford St Bakery in Bulimba (Brisbane)

Here’s some food porn for your Sunday morn…

Best Chocolate Croissant Ever at the Oxford St Bakery Bulimba

I have a thing for chocolate croissants.

It’s a perfect food. One that you would imagine could never go wrong. Chocolate + Croissant = Sublime experience.

But my friends, it so often does goes wrong. I have sampled hundreds of these humble treats in my life and am often disappointed by the dry, rubbery, chewy, bland, skimpy chocolate offerings by people who call themselves bakers.

And then, I come across this delight. This is the real deal. The Best. Ever. Chocolate. Croissant.

What’s so good about this one?

Well, in a nutshell, the folks at the Oxford St Bakery get it right.

Firstly, the croissant is fresh. (They only seem to make them on the weekend – although I could be wrong. They may have just run out on the week days I’ve been there.)

Then, not only is the croissant fresh but it’s light and fluffy and buttery with a moderately crispy shell.

And then there’s the very liberal amount of chocolate found within. The chocolate is added after the croissant is cooked and cooled so it’s sweet and soft (rather than hard and bitter). It’s not just a smear of chocolate we’re talking about. There is so much delicious chocolate that I usually end up with it all over my hands, face, furniture, cat…

The croissant is then finished with a light dusting of icing sugar … to give us the perfect chocolate croissant.

It’s a sublime sensory experience of the food kind.

And and and… today’s chocolate croissant experience was made even better by the lady at the bakery confirming my purchase by asking, “You’d like a choccy croissant?”

Yes! I’d so like a choccy croissant.

Here are some more pics to torture you…

Best Chocolate Croissant ever. Photo 2

Best Chocolate Croissant Photo 3

You can find the best chocolate croissant ever at the Oxford St Bakery in Bulimba (Brisbane, Qld, Australia).