Little Healthy Moments


We are surrounded by images of what “health” is but often these images don’t represent our lives or the little things we do everyday that contribute to our overall well-being.

For example, the image that sets off my “that’s not me/I must not be healthy” alarm is of a mountain bike rider at the top of hill, sculling a bottle of water. The only thing I have in common with this person is that we both drink water. While images like this are often spectacular feats of photography and production, they rarely inspire me to be healthy.

I’m currently participating in a project (#lesbianhealth #thrive) which involves sharing images and stories about the small things we do to stay healthy.

The project involves taking a photo of our “Little Healthy Moment” and sharing a few words on it. While I’ve found it takes a little time to bring those two things together in a meaningful way, it has been hugely rewarding as it’s making me aware of all the things I do and all the choices I have to live a healthy life. And, I’m getting to see what others do – so not only have new ideas to enhance my own life but I see how easy it is to be healthy in little ways, everyday.

The project is in its infancy but I have a hunch some pretty awesome stuff will emerge as it develops.

Today, I posted a pic of my morning cup of peppermint tea and why this small action is an important part of my healthy life …

Peppermint tea

Every morning I begin the day with a peppermint tea. I’ve had a lifetime of gut issues and I find peppermint a calming salve for digestive stress. I have no idea if there’s anything in the tea that’s actively helping – or whether it’s simply a cracker of a placebo – but it works. I feel good after drinking it. Beyond the physical benefits, I find my morning peppermint tea a way to start the day positively. It’s a reminder that what I choose to put in my body can be something that’s good for me – and delicious.

Awareness, acknowledgement, action.

All things that inspire me.


Thank you to Clair for inviting me to participate in #lesbianhealth #thrive