What’s your dream?

No, I don’t mean a what-your-higher-self-got-up-to-in-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning dream. I mean your conscious dreams; those things that lift your spirit and make you feel alive just by their mere presence in your life.

For some their dream is a journey to the city of love. For others it’s living in a world where we care about each other. And for others the dream is having enough money to not only pay the rent but also pay the bills on time.

As humans, we are unique in our ability to imagine the future. Actually, we are able to imagine many possible futures. It’s a shame so few of us seem to use this ability. I don’t think we dream enough. Dreams are relegated to unrealistic, head in the clouds idealism, and idealism is regarded as passé for those over 21. I think that’s a shame because we need ideas. We need alternate futures. They fuel the hope that sustains us. They provide a vision that connects us.

Dreams are on my mind at the moment because I was contacted during the week by one of the founders of a new website that allows you to share your dreams with other dreamers.

Trigwee celebrates the dreams and the dreamers. It’s simple enough to participate: You share your dream along with an image you feel represents it. If you need a little inspiration, then you can dream along with others. Freedom, creativity, love, travel, inspiration.

Some of my favourite dreams from Trigwee muses are:

Live in a happy, positive social environment

Authentically enjoy little moments of happiness everyday

Enjoy my sleep in a minimalist bedroom [That one would be a dream!]

Visit Park Guell in Barcelona

Travel to Paris

I think it’s too easy to lose sight of our dreams and when that happens we lose touch with what’s really important, what we value, and we lose our connection with life.

So I have a new dream: In my new dream, people don’t just dream, they start living their dreams.

What’s your dream?