Is this the coolest business card ever?

I love business card design. I think there’s something about the size constraints of the card that make people think a little bit more creatively about how they represent themselves and their business. In the most memorable cards, it’s the combination of typeface, colour, text and images with texture, material, shape and size that give the card a distinctive edge. Oh, and humour. I love a bit of business card humour. Which brings me to my favouritest card of the moment: the Lego card.

Yes, apparently Lego employees get customised Lego minifigs to carry around in their pockets to give to clients.

Sure they may not fit well in a wallet but who wants their business card hidden away? This is the kind of card I would put on display, and would always be at the ready when I need to order another gross of Lego.

If you’re after a more conventional design – or something a little less chunky – then check out the very cool and beautiful designs showcased at Naldz Graphics. My favourite is the retro, tick-box number for the band, The Royal Chains (designed by Kelli Anderson).

Thanks to GeekDad blog at Wired for the Lego link.