What. A. Week.

It’s a rare event for me to be lost for words but this week has been so intense, I can’t even write about it yet. Here’s the synopsis – and I hope to get back to fill in the details later.

  • The week begins with a hissy-fit meltdown brought on by neglect of self-care. Mucho meditation later, all is good.
  • Diary is covered with red dots (clients)
  • Invitation to do retreats
  • Invitation to lecture in South America
  • An article I wrote a year ago gets published in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph
  • I get interviewed about said article on radio 2UE
  • Confab conference line falls over – 2 hours of rescheduling and re-writing guidelines for new system
  • Frabulous movie night catchup with the girls (always better when wearing 3d glasses)
  • Ping pong and drinkies with the noosa chicks (perhaps 3d glasses may have improved my game)
  • Much laughter
  • Lots of great wine

And, now, ready to start again…