Watching Grass Grow



I’ve always thought that watching grass grow was at the pinnacle of boring experiences – up there with watching paint dry – but I’m no longer so sure.

I went to the river to write today and, while much writing did happen, it was really just a dumping of all the things that were sapping my energy. It’s a process I use to help me get clear on what’s important – what gets on the Less or the More lists. Sometimes it helps me pinpoint what I need to write about more fully.

But today, I kept coming back to the essentials of my life – meditation, writing, walking, swimming, space – the things that allow me to engage with the world.

Last week I wrote about saying Yes to life. One of the consequences of saying Yes is that life becomes very full. I really value spaciousness in my life – downtime, alone-time, reflection – and, while it’s great that life is so full, there must always be a Yes for time where I just do nothing.

So today, instead of writing, I watched the grass grow.