Squeal! The L Word returns for its final season

[Spoiler alert: Many rehashed internet rumours to follow]

After much internet speculation, and frantic emails between dykes asking “Is it true?”, The L Word began its sixth and final season with a splash on Sunday night (US time).

We’ve just finished watching the first episode where, yes as rumoured, Jenny meets her maker. (Although I’m taking bets that it’s actually a dream sequence of 99% of L Word viewers.) Besides the dialogue being a little more let’s-talk-about-our-relationship-therapy-speak than usual, the season began in fine form. We had the usual L Word Elements:

  • Ubiquitous girl-on-girl sex scene. Check.
  • Couples breaking up. Check. Check.
  • Couples getting back together. Check. Check.
  • Alice has an adventure in bad clothing. Oh. Check.
  • Couples breaking up again. Check.
  • Jenny being a bitch. Check. Check. And … Check.

The season’s opener also had, wait for it, a car chase! Do the words “Jumping the Shark” mean anything to the L Word writers?

You’ll be glad to know that the car chase scene gave me the opportunity to say my favourite L-Word-viewer phrase, “I just don’t feel represented by their portrayal of lesbians as [insert offending characteristic eg skinny, rich, or now, law-flaunting women]”.

Heck, car chases may be all the rage with Curve/LOTL-reading, big-city lesbians but not for us simple country folk. The closest we get to law breaking is when we cement our crazy cat lady status by taking in that poor little stray cat that’s been hanging around and thus exceeding the ‘two cats per household’ local council bylaw.

Perhaps that’s why we love The L Word – it gives us the chance to believe that by definition of our sexuality, we really are beautiful, dangerous outsiders with exciting, important lives.