Joy Retro Disco presents: The Boss by Diana Ross


Oh it’s been a long time between drinks at the JRD but I woke up this morning with Diana Ross’ 1979 disco classic, The Boss, in my head and it’s been my constant earworm companion all day.

So I thought I’d share …

The Boss was written and produced by the legendary songwriting duo Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson. On the surface its bold lyrics suggest a woman taking control of her life – “I could turn emotion on and off ” – but it’s actually probably just the most joyous song ever produced about realising that the heart rules. (There are some less empowering interpretations of the lyrics but let’s just stick with this one.)

It’s been covered by SO many artists over the years – Ashford and Simpson, Whitney Houston, Kristine W, The Braxtons, remixed by Masters at Work – but my favourite is the Diana Ross original, remixed by Dimitri from Paris.

The Boss is nine and a half minutes of pure, hands-in-the-air, disco joy.

Oh, and no, I have no idea why it’s stuck in my head.