Joy Retro Disco presents Shackles (Praise You) by Mary Mary

Uplifting tunes for your weekend

Take those shackles off my feet so I can dance.

Okay, I may not be about to praise “him” because I’m, like, an atheist, and as a feminist, I would have difficulty believing in a patriarchal all-loving, all-condemning god. But. 

I love this song because it taps into a joyful hope that is so necessary at the moment, and it crosses over into mainstream pop because it is about overcoming adversity. 

Mary Mary copped a bit of flack from Christians for the pop success of this tune. But one would think that the impact it’s had as a mainstream hit would give it way more “spreading the gospel” credentials than whoever the latest godboy-band is. 

Everybody needs hope. Everyone needs some sort of emancipation. Whoever or whatever your god may be, you get the opportunity to toss off those shackles now with Mary Mary.