Joy Retro Disco presents H.A.P.P.Y. Radio by Edwin Starr

Uplifting tunes for your weekend!

Soul singer Edwin Starr might be more well-known for his 1970 classic, War (What is it good for), but it’s this little 1979 stomper that I love.

I’m not sure what it is about this tune but it has been well and truly stuck in my head all week. It’s infectious and unselfconsciously positive. You gotta love that.

Also, being from the true disco era it lends itself to very authentic disco dance moves. You know what I mean. Think soul train. Think back, forth, back, forth, hip, swivel, swivel, point.

In fact, I tested out the true joyocity of this tune today by playing it for Caro. While she is not an avowed advocate of the disco beat, she does know how to move her feet. Together we bring you this Y.M.C.A.-inspired chorie of the H.A.P.P.Y.

H. Okay legs apart, knees bent, with arms raised and bent to the sides. “You are an H!”

A. Legs apart, arms together above the head

P. Legs together, both arms together and curving toward body at left hip

P. Repeat

Y. Legs together, arms apart. [Finger pointing optional]

Then make up your own moves. Impro. Impro. Impro. 

Get dancin!