I Love My Work?


I’ve been having a lot of conversations recently that have centred on questions of passion and loving your work.

It’s odd because they’re the kind of conversations I once had with clients but this is now happening in social situations – and I’m not introducing the topics, they just seem to be the concerns of people around me.

I feel weird about it because it still all feels a bit like work and while I have ‘answers’ that I’ve trotted out hundreds of times before, I don’t feel I’m in a position to speak about this stuff anymore.

I’m not passionate about my work at the moment. I don’t love it.

Work, right now, is about paying the bills and giving me the space to sort out my life. It has allowed me to go back to the beginning, to know nothing, and have few expectations and responsibilities. It’s been wonderful.

But I know I couldn’t live this way forever. For me, work is about more than paying the bills.

And so, as old friends, new friends and yet-to-be friends are bringing up their big issues, I’m also asking myself:

When will I love my work again?

Most of this year for me has been about getting clear on what’s important – and what makes me happy – in life. And now I need to consider similar questions for work.

The thing is, I have a hunch that what I want, what I value and where I want to put my work energy have changed over the last 12 months. And that scares the heck out of me.

Lucky I’ve got all those ‘answers’ … 😉