How Life Is


So, this evening, I was all set to write a cheery post for tomorrow’s Wednesday Blog Challenge about my TBR (To Be Read) List for June (I even have the photos ready!) when I received a phone call from my sister.

I don’t often receive late night family calls so I answered with a little trepidation.

My parents were okay. Good. But.

My sister is in town to have scans to see where her cancer’s at – so it could have been “the call”. But no. Just car issues. She needs an early morning lift to the hospital. All good.

So, tomorrow, I will not write or work or do anything else – until the appointment and any subsequent tests and dropping my sister back to my parents who live 45 minutes away are all done. Oh, and perhaps picking up her car somewhere in there …

Which is fine.

But. It struck me.  This is how life is.

There may be a few tears now but I don’t even go into the grief that accompanies the “what ifs”. There’s plenty of time for that later.

I’ve just spent the weekend at a WordPress conference – thinking and talking about business and ideas and tech and code and planning and strategy. It was wonderful for helping me reconnect with what I’m doing with my life – professionally.

Sometimes the things we learn at conferences – professionally and personally – help us with life.

But, often, they don’t.

Sometimes we just move on.

This, tonight, is how life is.