Awe and Acceptance


I look out the plane’s window to my left and the trees of the nearby mountain come into view. I look away for a moment and when I next look out, the craggy cliff-face is beside us. I marvel at the skill of the pilot, being able to fly so close. Amazing.

The golden-clay of the cliff-face is now mostly covered by vegetation – and much closer. Very very close. It’s is only about a metre from the window. Again, I marvel at the skill of the pi –

Hold on. Isn’t there supposed to be a wing there? Oh well. We seem to be travelling fine. That’s very clever.


The cliff-face disappears and suddenly the plane is vertical – nose down. I think to myself that, outside aeronautical acrobatics, planes rarely travel vertically.


I have no idea what’s going on.

So, this may be it.

There is nothing I can do. Oh well.

I sit back and wait.

I wake up.