4 My People by Missy Elliott

Joy Retro Disco presents

Uplifting Tunes for your weekend!

Oh, I had a dilemma this week folks. Choose a tune with god- or drug-references?

Drug won. But only because I was trying to redress a very bad I did in my Top Tunes for a Women’s Dance list last weekend. I didn’t put any Missy Elliott in. So here is Mssy Elliott giving props to her peeps. (Oh dear, I have had way too much caffeine.)

Actually the reason Ms Missy got this week’s top tune is because everytime I hear this version of 4 My People (thank Basement Jaxx), I just want to move. I feeeel the spirit – of a different kind. So to me, it doesn’t really matter if it’s about club culture and taking durgs or not, it’s a tune that can equally be danced to in the lounge room, kitchen or office. (Yes, I tested it. It works.)

So turn it up, grab your glow sticks, and lets celebrate the fact that we have sassy women like Ms Missy hollering for the females in a male-dominated culture.